Residential Services

Individual choice is the driving force behind our services.

Residential Services is committed to helping people live in and access their community independently. Each individual learns the specific life skills they need to be self-sufficient, strengthen family relationships, make new friends, and fulfill their life-long dreams. Our primary objective is to ensure that individuals live their best life in a safe, healthy, and happy environment.

Homes supported in the Residential Services programĀ  are nestled within neighborhoods all over Columbia, Missouri. These homes are staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, according to individual needs. Our dedicated staff assist with medication management, housekeeping, self-care, financial planning, interpersonal relationships, cooking/nutrition, and finding ways to give individuals access to their community.

Family members of individuals in the Residential Services program are excited to see their loved ones enjoy new experiences in the community. Families can rest easy – confident that their family member has a stable, secure home and an active life.

About Our Residential Services

Life is a learning adventure, and we strive to provide opportunities and experiences in the community that lead to growth and overall happiness.

  1. We support people interested in different living arrangements: living in a traditional home with one or two roommates and onsite staff; living in an apartment with staff available on-site; or independent living in an apartment with staff on an as-needed basis. We are always open to exploring other designs based on the needs and preferences of the people we support.
  2. Staff receives extensive training in the following areas: Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, Positive Behavior Support, Medication Administration, Defensive Driving, Personal Choice, Abuse and Neglect Prevention, and CPR/ First Aid.
  3. All areas of assistance are identified through person-centered planning and incorporated into an individual plan to help the individual reach their goals.
  4. Personal choice is essential to success! Individuals have input in where they live, who they live with, where they shop, meals, service providers, how to decorate, and what they do with their free time.
  5. We love to have families involved! Second only to the individual themselves, families know their loved ones best.
  6. Each location is managed by a Program Manager that oversees the day-to-day operations of the home and ensures quality supports are provided.
  7. The Residential Program at Impact Support Services provides Registered Nursing services monthly and as needed.
  8. Individuals are able to request payee services at Impact Support Services if they choose to have assistance in managing their benefits.

Dedicated Team

We have a dedicated and caring team with engaged and enthusiastic staff. Family members feel confident knowing loved ones are safe and secure while accessing the community and having new and enjoyable life experiences.

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