Community and Family Services

Helping individuals and families achieve their goals

Community and Family Services (CFS) helps individuals and families by providing creative, flexible, and supportive services and resources that meet their home or community needs. All CFS services are provided in a one-to-one ratio.

Community and Family Services

Supports individuals in seeking valued and active participation in integrated activities that build on the individual’s interests, preferences, gifts, and strengths while reflecting the person’s goals with regard to community involvement and membership.

CN services are designed to increase an individual’s connection to and engagement in formal and informal community supports. Services are designed to develop flexible, sustainable, and supportive community resources and relationships. Individuals are introduced to community resources and supports that are available in their area and supported to develop skills that will facilitate integration into their community. Outcomes for this service include positive relationships, valued community roles, and needs and involvement in preferred community activities/organizations/groups/projects/other resources.

FPSS provides a structured, strength-based relationship between a Family Peer Advocate (FPA) and the parent/family member/caregiver for the benefit of the individual.

An FSA provides nonclinical family peer support by sharing valuable personal knowledge-based experience in supporting and providing care to a family member with an I/DD.

This service may also include identifying and developing formal and informal support, instilling confidence, assisting in the development of individual and family goals, and serving as an advocate, mentor, or facilitator for the resolution of issues and skills necessary to enhance and improve the health and well-being of the individual and their family unit and to help reduce caregiver stress and isolation.

Family/peer support serves as a resource for parents and families, and enhances their skills so they can effectively understand and contribute to planning processes and access services that will better promote positive functioning, which results in their family member’s ability to live successfully in their home and community.

Developing positive family rapport is critical to the effectiveness of this service and, therefore, personal face-to-face visits in a variety of settings may be necessary. Face-to-face support may be supplemented by phone or electronic correspondence as needed.

Supports individuals needing specialized skill training in any area that fosters independence. Individual Skill Development provides skill training on specific goals identified by the individual and their team.

The service solely focuses on those identified goals and tracks progress. Assistance can be provided in the home or community, allowing the goal to determine the appropriate environment.

Complex skills development includes but is not limited to domestic and home maintenance, budgeting, money management, and using public transportation.

Respite services support individuals while providing relief for the family/caretakers.

Respite services are provided for an individual at the request of the caretakers to allow the caretakers to have time where the individual they support is safely supervised by Impact Support Services.

Respite services can be provided in the individual’s home or community and include recreational or educational activities.

Dedicated Team

We have a dedicated and caring team with engaged and enthusiastic staff. Family members feel confident knowing loved ones are safe and secure while accessing the community and having new and fun experiences.

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