Career Services

Our Career Services program supports individuals with employment barriers to succeed in competitive employment.

Our Career Services program supports individuals with employment barriers to succeed in competitive employment.

The Career Services program assists job seekers with achieving their employment goals while assisting local employers with their recruitment and employee retention. We offer personalized skill training and ongoing support services for individuals with disabilities, enabling them to obtain and maintain integrated, competitive, community-based employment.

Our Career Services team works with each individual to determine specific goal for their employment journey. We provide personalized skill training and support services for individuals to enable them to explore, obtain, and maintain employment. This approach provides the individual with an increased sense of self-worth, establish a new financial stream, become valued members of the community and increases their quality of life.

We work with Vocational Rehab, Rehab Services for the Blind, local educators and agency support staff. If you are interested in working with our Career Services program, please let your coordinator or counselor know. You can also contact us directly and our team will guide you through the intake process.

  • Identify interests and strengths
  • Discover marketable skills
  • Identify strategies to support the individual to be successful
  • On-site training and support in general employment skills
  • Skills to develop can included: attention to task, response to supervisors, time management, professionalism in the workplace, and others
  • Individualized career search support, including application completion, resume construction, interview preparation, job lead discovery, employment negotiations
  • Individualized career counseling
  • Provide the necessary support need for success while on the job
  • Serve as a liaison for any modifications needed at the job site
  • On-going supports either at work or outside of work to support job training and skill development

Dedicated Team

We have a dedicated and caring team with engaged and enthusiastic staff. Family members feel confident knowing loved ones are safe and secure while accessing the community and having new and fun experiences.

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