Youth Services

The Youth Services program goes beyond meeting the need for after-school or summer care, placing emphasis on social growth and developing life skills.

Teaching and Building Skills

With activities and adventures in the community, youth in our program have the opportunity to build friendships, explore new hobbies and interests, and practice social skills–all while having fun!

Services provided through this program include:

After- School Youth Program
Extended Day Services
Summer Program

Finding the right after-school environment for middle and high-school-aged adolescents with developmental disabilities can be a challenge for many families. Our after-school program combines recreational and community-based activities in a safe, encouraging atmosphere that provides the perfect solution for many searching families.

Youth Services programing offers opportunities to

Extended Hours

Don’t let your student’s hard work and progress disappear over summer months. Summer is perfect for people who struggle with the transition between school and summer. It also keeps kids active and in contact with friends.  Extended hours are also available for spring/winter break and teacher workdays.

Our services are designed to provide community and indoor activities that assist individuals in acquiring, improving and retaining the self-help, socialization and adaptive skills needed to successfully be a part of their community as an adult.  Our goal-based services provide youth with more opportunities to develop skills at an earlier age outside of the school environment.

Examples of Activities in Youth Services

Dedicated Team

We have a dedicated and caring team with engaged and enthusiastic staff. Family members feel confident knowing loved ones are safe and secure while accessing the community and having new and fun experiences.

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