Impact Support Services

We believe there is strength in diversity and welcome the community becoming stronger.

We believe every person we serve should be valued in our community for who they are, and every strategic decision we make goes back to making that hope a reality.

Our Programs

Our programs focus on developing skills for individuals that increase independence, support engagement within the community, and promote social inclusion by catering to each individual’s skills, interests, and talents.

Goals for the Individuals We Serve

Programs are designed to recognize and support the skills of individuals wishing to take a more active role in our community. The focus is on making contributions as community members and achieving personal goals.

Goals for the Community

We envision a community that sees value in all individuals with disabilities and understands how beneficial diversity is for everyone. This means cultivating mindful inclusion and growing partnerships with local businesses and organizations to employ individuals with disabilities.

Goals for our Organization

We follow the best possible practices for delivering meaningful, high-quality services that meet the needs of those we serve and of our community. Our commitment to professional development within the organization allows us to continually work toward exceeding the expectations of those we serve, and evolve to meet the need.

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