Our Career Services program is structured to match hiring employers throughout mid-Missouri with well-trained, productive, motivated job seekers-at zero cost to you.

By taking advantage of these specialized employment services, your business or organization can avoid high advertising , recruiting and training costs that often come with filling your available positions.

of individuals, we serve, are exiting job development services for a career of their choice.
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According to the U.S. Department of Education, workers with disabilities are rated consistently as average or above average in performance, quality and quantity of work, flexibility, and attendance.

Benefits for Employers

Local businesses benefit from having hard working, qualified employees that support their overall operations.

Valuable Employees

Companies experience equal or better retention rates with nearly identical job performance ratings and see fewer scheduled absences — all with reduced recruitment and training costs and equal or better safety records.

Culture & Diversity

Businesses that have hired individuals through this program see improved morale and productivity throughout the company as well as a boost in innovation driven by diversity.

As Well As

Studies indicate that workers with disabilities are more likely to stay in jobs longer, reducing high turnover costs.

overall satisfaction rating from employers rating their employees served by Impact Support Services.
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Careers Obtained by Job Seekers

A few positions held by Impact Support Services individuals:

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