Day Services

At Impact Support Services, we believe it is important to have purpose and meaning in every day. What that looks like is unique for each of us!

Day Services is a skill-based and recreational program designed to provide individuals with an opportunity to focus on interests and strengths. Each day, individuals will have several opportunities to make choices to fill their day with activities that help them to stay active in their community, have fun, and spend time with friends. Impact Support Services offers transportation to individuals in our program.

Choice and individualization is at the core of Day Services. Our staff employs a “Why Not?” philosophy. We do our best to assist people in breaking down barriers that prohibit living the life they deserve. Individuals have input in the programming, and staff plan activities based on individual goals for personal growth and suggestions of activities.

  • Community Outings
  • Entertainment
  • Fitness
  • Hobbies
  • Life Skills
  • Self-Care
  • Soft Skill Building

Dedicated Team

We have a dedicated and caring team with engaged and enthusiastic staff. Family members feel confident knowing loved ones are safe and secure while accessing the community and having new and fun experiences.

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