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Impact Support Services is an inclusive community where everyone belongs, participates, and is valued.


Connect people to meaningful experiences to live the life of their choosing.


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Honor the individual

The ability to exercise one's right to self determination is at the core of humanity. We recognize and support that right for everyone and work to cultivate an inclusive culture where differences are welcomed and valued.

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Transform the community

We model full inclusivity every day and help people understand that language and behaviors matter. We equip our community to show up in a way that authentically honors and includes every individual.

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Evolve to meet the need

We challenge ourselves to provide staff and individuals with innovative, person-centered supports. We don’t shy away from difficult topics or work because we’re helping people do life, and life can be difficult.

Do what is right

We hold ourselves accountable and act with integrity in all we do. We embrace a culture of trying. We identify and act on opportunities for improvement. We learn, and we give grace.


In 2025, Impact Support Services, previously Alternative Community Training (ACT), celebrates 50 years of serving our community. We have stayed strong as a leading provider in Boone County, Missouri and strive to be the most highly regarded provider in all services offered.

Through the Decades: A Detailed History

1975: The dream comes true

Woodhaven School, Inc. is established with the goal of providing educational services for children with disabilities. The school is guided by the following original statement of purpose:

To provide for the physical, moral and intellectual welfare, training, development and education of children and adults with disabilities.

1978: Work and inclusion emerge as goals

A federal grant triggers a strong program to meet the needs of 55 youth attending Woodhaven School, Inc. Known as the Vocational Habilitation Project, it breaks new ground by emphasizing the belief that individuals with disabilities can be gainfully employed in the community. The University of Missouri-Columbia Department of Special Education is a project partner with the school.

1980: Habilitation Center forms

The Woodhaven Habilitation Center becomes a reality in order to train adults with disabilities for work.

Connecting to the community.

Two community-focused programs develop. While the programs had many names throughout the years, they primarily are known as the Occupational Resource Center and the Community Education Center. The Occupational Resource Center focuses on equipping adult consumers for work while the Community Education Center helps school-age individuals maximize personal, social and mental skills.

1981: Helen Keller National Center affiliation

The school becomes a recognized service provider for persons who are deaf and blind and ACT develops a relationship with this nationally recognized program.

1983: Groundwork laid for the future

Initial steps are taken to provide mid-Missouri’s first work-training program for individuals with disabilities preparing to work in sheltered workshops.

1986: Building plans take shape

Plans develop to build its own facility on Burlington.

1987: A new era begins

Alternative Community Training, Inc., ACT, is the organization’s new name.

National certification awarded

ACT receives accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). The organization is the premiere accrediting organization in the rehabilitation field. ACT has earned the maximum certification every three-year period since 1987.

Community work program gets a boost

ACT is one of the first in Missouri to initiate a new program—the ACT Career Services Program. The Missouri Division of Vocational Rehabilitation grant helps ACT fulfill the goal of providing long-term support to clients working in the community.

1989: New building opens

ACT opens its facility at 2200 Burlington.

1990: ACT boosts business feedback

A Business Advisory Council is established to better know the needs of employers and employees working in the community as part of the ACT Career Services Program.

Home sweet home

ACT clients find their own apartments and homes through the new Community Living Program. It is the first individualized Community Living program in the state supported by the Medicaid Waiver.

1991: Tape recycling business begins

Videocassette tapes fuel ACT’s ambitious goal to develop its own venture to employ individuals in the ACT Works Program. The idea finds immediate success from tape donors and purchasers throughout the country.

1992: Hollywood teams with ACT

The nation discovered ACT and its videocassette recycling program. Hundreds of thousands of tapes became available as a result of a nationwide campaign by the entertainment and advertising industries. Known as Project Charlie, the effort involved the biggest media names in the country— from 20th Century Fox to Turner Broadcasting. A promotional video also was produced featuring Bob Saget, host of America’s Funniest Home Videos.

1994: Donations continue

Media attention and donations of video cassette tapes continue.

1995: ACT recycles disks

America’s computer surge opens a niche for ACT to begin recycling hundreds of thousands of computer disks with help from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and local software giant, DATASTORM.

Services Expand

Employment services now serve individuals beyond Boone County with the addition of Randolph County as an area of service.

1996: ACT supplies GreenDisk

ACT’s recycled disks gain a national market through a new relationship with distributor GreenDisk, a manufacturer of high-quality recycled computer diskettes and related products.

1997: Expansion continues

Cole County individuals now receive ACT employment services.

1999: Thinking “Green” earns honor

ACT’s recycling program draws a top Achievement Award from the Missouri Waste Control Coalition.

2000: Honor validates mission

The Missouri Governor’s Council on Disabilities presented ACT the 2000 Community Enhancement Award. The award, for the Affirmative Industry Program, now known as ACT Works, reflects ACT’s vision to make possible dignified employment a choice for every person.

New logo adopted

The logo symbolizes ACT’s partnership with every consumer and stakeholder. It is a partnership of support and assistance leading to new levels of enjoyment in life for each individual.

2003: Registered nurse joins ACT

A registered nurse is hired to help oversee health issues for persons in the Community Living program.

2004: ACT expands

The Community Integration day program begins renting space in the “Blue Building,” conveniently located across the street from the main facility.

2005: CDS added to enhance employee training

ACT joins providers across Missouri to provide online training to direct service staff through the College of Direct Support.

2006:ACT expands

Community Living and ACT Career Services move to new office space at 2205 Burlington

Behavior Therapy program

ACT hires a Behavior Therapist to provide behavioral support for individuals in the community and those already receiving services from ACT.

2007: Grant for new machines for ACT Works

A $50,000 EIERA grant is approved for the purchase of a VHS tape disassembly machine and a plastics granulation machine to be used to facilitate ACT’s recycling efforts.

2009: Community Advantage program launches

This program, dedicated to providing meaningful interaction for seniors in the community, becomes an essential part of Community Integration.

ACT expands to 2207 Burlington

ACT Career Services opens in new office space at 2207 Burlington.

ACT’s new Training Center is inaugurated at 2207 Burlington.

Therap Services added

ACT begins using Therap for electronic documentation and communication.

2010: Career Services recognized

The Missouri Rehabilitation Association recognizes ACT Career Services as Service Provider of the Year.

New logo adopted

The logo symbolizes ACT’s partnership with every consumer and stakeholder. It is a partnership of support and assistance leading to new levels of enjoyment in life for each individual.

2011: Behavior Development

The Behavior Therapy program becomes Behavior Development Services.

Registered nurse joins ACT

A registered nurse is hired to help oversee health issues for persons in the Community Living program.

Social Media

ACT develops plans for social media and an electronic newsletter.

2012: New services

ACT begins providing personal assistance and other services through a new department, In-Home services.

Seamless Transition Through Enhanced Partnership (STEP)

A collaborative program called STEP begins. STEP is designed to provide students with disabilities who are at risk of unemployment or underemployment following high school graduation with career exploration, job skills training, and job placement services during their senior year of high school.

Operating Reserve

ACT establishes its operating reserve policy.


RN is added to ACT’s Community Integration staff.

2013: Best practices

The Seamless Transition through Enhanced Partnership (STEP) program receives the “Cutting Edge Award” from the Missouri Association of County Development Disabilities Services (MACDDS).

Show-Me-Career Grant

In partnership with Boone County Family Services, Columbia Public Schools, Central Missouri Regional Office, Moresource, Services for Independent Living, State Vocational Rehabilitation, self-advocates, and family members of individuals with disabilities, ACT is awarded the Show-Me-Careers Grant. The grant is geared toward increasing community employment for one key cohort, youth and young adults, ages 16 through 30.

2014: Forward progress

Changes to the Waiver Definition result in changes to the ACT Works program. Community employment must be the goal for anyone receiving employment services at ACT.

Vehicle Grant

Community Integration receives first new lift van from Federal Grant.

CoMo Gives Logo


ACT participates in CoMoGives for the first time, raising money to that goes exclusively to purchases that will assist individuals receiving ACT services.

2015: 40 years

ACT celebrates 40 years in business

Job Preparation Services

ACT’s Job Preparation program, previously known as ACT Works, begins providing services in various settings and utilizing both group and individual models.

Vehicle Grant

Community Integration receives second new lift van from Federal Grant.

2016: AMVAC

ACT’s recycling business transfers ownership to American Military Veterans Corporation in St. Louis, MO.

2017: Person-Centered approach

ACT implements person-centered thinking and practice in program and activity planning.

Service Flexibility

Development of new Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) training for all employees.

2018: Expanding services & reach

All ACT staff receive HCBS training

After-School Youth Program (ASYP)

ACT’s new after-school program is launched, which combines recreational and community-based activities in a safe and healthy environment that provides the solution for many families.

Continually improving services

ACT takes additional steps toward enhancing and increasing community opportunities in ALL services.

ACT Expands to Northern Boone County

October 2018 ACT decided to expand its services to Northern Boone County. Why not provide much-needed services to individuals living in rural areas? ACT now has a Day Services Program in Centralia, MO.

2019: Services to families expand

Family Peer Support Services are added to the Organization’s service offerings.

2020: COVID-19 Pandemic begins

Essential services continue and services are provided in alternate ways.

2021: Youth Service and Community & Family Services expand

Youth Services and Community & Family Services become their own distinct programs, leading to increased focus and service improvements.

2022: Service expand and organizational refocus

Benefit Planning Waiver Services begin with a Certified Work Incentive Practitioner

The Organization approves a new Mission, Vision, and Values

2023: Rebranding & expanding

To better reflect the Organization’s Mission, Vision and Values, the corporate name and logo are changed and ACT becomes Impact Support Services (DBA).

The organization expands housing options for individuals receiving Community Living services. 

2024: Chapel Hill

The Organization moves to the new Corporate Headquarters at 1605 Chapel Hill Road, Suite B, Columbia, MO

A new location for Day Services & Youth Services to open at 1609 Chapel Hill Road, Suite C, Columbia, MO.

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