Unexpected Benefits of New Vehicle Monitoring Technology

ACT is participating in a new safety program. ROVR, Real-time Onboard Vehicle Reporting, is a vehicle monitoring system that improves driving by tracking and reporting vehicle activity.

ROVR is part of a pilot program from Missouri Employers Mutual. Ben Tilley, Director of Human Resources coordinated ACT’s involvement in the program.

“We needed a system to track data and ensure not only the safety of our staff, but also that of the individuals we support.”

Some of those features include:  real time movement, weekly driver scorecards, and individual trip reports.

ACT has been utilizing ROVR technology since spring 2018. Every vehicle is equipped with ROVR.

So far, the data collected have proven to be incredibly useful. For example, ACT vehicles travel over 10,000 miles a week. Since participating within the community is part of ACT’s mission, traveling is an essential way to meet that mission.

ROVR can send alerts when certain driving events occur. Staff can also review the weekly reports. Managers encourage them to be involved in the data. Carrie Griffith, Assistant Program Director for Community Living, has noticed a friendly competitive spirit within her team.

“Everyone is trying to improve their score. One manager will say, I got a B, then someone else will chime in and say, ha! I got an A!”

ACT has even found an application not among the listed features. Rena, Direct Support Professional, became lost on her way to pick up and individual at their home. Adella Altamirano, Program Supervisor for the Day Program, was able to check the real-time movement and location of the vehicle, and give directions so that she could reroute to the right home.

Recently, there was a rainstorm heavy enough to cause concern for drivers. A group returning to ACT from an outing in Jefferson City was headed right for the storm. Adella checked the weather radar and called staff to alert them so they could modify their route.

While this technology is still new, ACT hopes to continue to see new benefits from data and reports.

An example group scorecard from Day Program
An example report from Day Program
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