Introducing Nathan — New Resident in Community Living

“This is a fun one,” Nathan says as he holds up a VHS tape—Encino Man. “Son-In-Law, Bio-Dome, Encino Man…I’ve seen them all,” says Nathan as the tour of his home comes to an end right in front of his expansive VHS tape collection.

The tapes are in excellent shape and well-organized. There are even some collector Star Wars and Disney movies. “That’s never been opened. That’s the original packaging.” He picks up another. “This is my favorite movie right here.” He hands over What Dreams May Come, a story about a man who explores the afterlife in worlds that can be anything he imagines, starring Robin Williams.

Nathan is the newest resident in ACT’s Community Living program. Nathan joins ACT after living in Springfield for seven years. In Springfield, Nathan worked in various industries, including one of the largest hotels in Springfield.

Now that he’s in Columbia, he enjoys his employment with Goodwill, not only for the opportunity to add more VHS tapes to his collection. Some days, he’ll check out the movie section before his shift starts.

Nathan is responsible for testing donated electronics before they hit the floor for shoppers. That includes testing the VHS tapes. “It’s stressful sometimes because I have to test every little thing. Even if it’s little, we have to test it and you have to do it one at a time.”

When Nathan isn’t working, he likes to stay active. He’s planning a day trip with a coworker. They’re going to Fugitive Beach in Rolla, Missouri. The 25-acre rock quarry contains a 60-foot waterslide, a 50-inch slip and slide, and cliffs as high as 20 feet. Nathan is most excited about cliff jumping.

Aside from exploring the outdoors, Nathan gets along well with his live-in staff. Jusma has a separate living area downstairs. When Jusma is on-duty, he hangs out with Nathan like an old friend. Nathan calls him by his nickname, “Juice”.

In high school, Nathan played four years of football. But he’s recently taken an interest in a new sport. “Juice got me into watching soccer,” says Nathan, motioning to the game shown on the flat-screen TV.

Nathan visits the zoo
Nathan visits the St. Louis zoo.

Recently, he and Juice travelled to St. Louis to explore the zoo. Next, Nathan plans to go to a Mizzou basketball game this season.

Sitting on the mantle is a picture of his roommate Patrick at a Mizzou basketball game. Nathan is excited to soon have his own picture displayed in their home as well.

Welcome to ACT, Nathan, we’re pleased to have you!

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