Craig Valone Teaches at Columbia College


Craig prepares materials for class.

Since the start of the spring semester, Craig Valone, Director of Day Program, has been teaching a course at Columbia College. The junior level class, Disabilities, is aimed at students majoring in Human Services. Topics such as mobility, cognitive, developmental, and psychological disabilities are covered.

“Teaching this class has been a great learning opportunity. The students have a chance to learn first-hand about disabilities, while I have the chance to learn about and spend time with the next generation of workers in the Human Services field.”

“It has been very reassuring to work with a group of students so willing to help others and eager to learn.”

Craig’s students recently visited ACT and spent time with individuals in the Day Program.

They were able to gain perspectives of current practices in the field and understand the realities of the types of jobs they will be seeking. That is important to Craig.

For his students to flourish in their fields of interest, they must have relatable experience.

                    Students visit ACT Students play bingo at ACT

Several speakers have given presentations to the class, including staff from the Department of Mental Health and a family member of a person with a disability. Catholic Charities of Central and Northern Missouri will visit soon to speak about immigration work.   

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